Nomadd is Luminate’s powerful, flexible, cloud-based collaboration platform that allows organizations
to digitize their processes, collaborate remotely and deliver and receive communication from their customers.
The Nomadd platform allows for real time flexible and mobile, ON THE MOVE, functionality. A core feature is
the secure and compliant signing capabilities. Streamline your workflow with the fill and sign feature usable
on any computer or smart device. Allow Nomadd to digitize, prioritise and maximise your work processes.

NO paper, NO delays, NO inefficiencies…NOMADD

Smart, Secure, Innovative

The platform comprises the following key features:

Easy to use User Interface

Users, Roles and Permissions:
Organisational Users can be added, edit or removed. Roles are defined as a set of User permissions and Users allocated a specific Role.

Folders and Files:
Folders are simply containers for logically associated files, e.g. a set of documents to be completed for a new business opportunity.
Files can be any electronic file format (PDF to start), including fillable documents, agreements or contracts, letters, memos, scanned or photographed images of supporting documents.

Document Design:
Prepare your Document to be fillable by adding form fields and signatures

Workflows and Workflow Templates:
Workflows are defined as a set of discreet tasks which can be executed on the fly or saved as a Workflow Template for repeatable execution.

Fill and Sign:
Registered Users fill out documents and/or sign required signatures.

Remote Fill and Sign:
Non-registered Users fill and sign documents on their own smart device, remotely.

Auto Fill:
Data can be entered into documents manually or automatically through the Auto Fill feature or via integration.

Our REST API allows you to integrate into your existing system


1. Reduce costs
Time spent and consumables used are widely associated with business ‘performance’. Optimise your expenses with targeted solutions that include:
Direct costs associated with paper, printers and printer consumables; labour costs associated with duplication to capture data and associated input errors; courier costs to ship original documents; and storage and retrieval costs associated with physical paper storage.

2. Optimize your business processes
We give you the power to eliminate time delays associated with paper handling. All information is readily available digitally to those who need it digitally. This information can also be processed further through automatic triggering, and exceptions can be handled as soon as they are reported.

3. Improved service and customer experience
Your customers and employees live digital lives with mobile technology at their fingertips at work and in the comfort of their homes. Empower your employees and customers to transact using their smart devices, as they increasingly do in their private lives. Be immediately proactive and ultra-responsive to customers problems.

4. Remote working
Your business should be able to operate from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. The Nomadd digital platform allows for online real time collaboration and remote access to all processes and documents.

Create the environment for seamless transactions.